Come to our welcome meetup

Would you like to hear more about our new Tam Makers community center for adults and youth in Mill Valley?

If so, we invite you to join our Welcome Meetup on Wednesday, June 8 at 6pm, in the wood shop at Tam High School.

During this free event, we will show you our makerspace, talk about our first maker classes and discuss your ideas for growing our maker community together.

The shop will open at 6pm, with quick tours of our wood shop, makerspace and computer lab, as well as demos of recent projects. At 7pm, we will present the Tam Makers program and host a group discussion until 8pm. We will then network informally and get to know each other, before wrapping up at 9pm.

This should be a fun evening for anyone interested in our local maker community. This first meeting is geared toward adults, but some of our high school and middle school students will show off their creations as well.

You can sign up for this free event on the site of your choice:
• on Facebook
• on
• on Next Door

If you prefer, you can also RSVP by email at — or just drop by.

We will meet at the Wood shop at Tam High School, 700 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA. Here are quick directions to our space: Exit Highway 101 onto East Blithedale. Turn left on Camino Alto, then right on Miller. Make a left U-turn at the first intersection, go back on Miller, turn right on Gomez, then left into Tam High. Drive slowly, take a right turn uphill and park.

We have hosted a popular adult woodworking program at Tam High for many years. We now want to expand that program with new maker activities — and are starting this summer pilot to develop it together. We would like this community project to be more than a series of classes offered by a few instructors, and we invite your active participation.

Learn more at, where you can already sign up for our first classes and workshops.

You are welcome to share this invitation with your friends and neighbors.

And if you use Facebook, we invite you to ‘like’ our new Tam Makers page, where we can connect informally and stay in touch with each other.

We hope to see you soon!

Fabrice Florin

Geo Monley

Author: Fabrice Florin

Fabrice Florin is a multimedia innovator who creates unique experiences to inform and engage communities through digital media. He has led the development of many pioneering products and services in news, education and entertainment, working with innovators such as Apple, Macromedia and Wikipedia. He now consults on worthy projects, with a focus on content strategy, community engagement and product development. Fabrice is now working on an interactive art project called the ‘Pataphysical Slot Machine, a community-created poetic oracle created by a collective of artists, engineers, teachers and students based in Mill Valley. He previously worked as movement communications manager at the Wikimedia Foundation, where he managed and edited the Wikimedia blog -- and helped nurture a 'culture of kindness' across online communities.​ Prior to that, he was product manager, leading the development of many new tools for Wikipedia, such as Notifications, Media Viewer and Thanks. His previous ventures include: •, a nonprofit social news network, helping folks tell apart fact from fiction • Handtap / GoComics, a wireless content provider for mobile devices •, a web entertainment site we started at Macromedia • Zenda Studio, award-winning multiplayer game developer • Apple Computer’s Multimedia Lab, a research and development group • Videowest, a producer of rock journalism and entertainment for young adults Read more: