Create an Art Float for Social Change

Help create an art float for social change at Tam Makers!

This spring, we are creating a parade float to engage more people to participate in democracy. Our traveling art show will reach out to youth and people of color through art, music, and technology. We will share ideas for a better world and tell stories of hope with colorful art, animated figures and live performers, staged on a decorated truck and trailer.

The theme of this art show is social change: how can we take better care of our world? We will present this float on Earth Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day parades in Marin County. We also plan to present it in swing districts in California’s Central Valley this fall, to encourage people to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.

This float is created by a team of artists and makers of all ages and cultural backgrounds, led by Fabrice Florin and Geo Monley. We will build it at Tam Makers, our makerspace at Tam High School in Mill Valley. To reach a broad and diverse community, we will also work with art, civic and educational partners in California and beyond.

We welcome your ideas for this float. Join our public discussion at our Democracy Cafe on February 18, at the O’Hanlon Center in Mill Valley. Until February 20, you can also submit your idea here, for an artwork or performance about social change, that can inspire people to create a better world.

Would you like to help build or present this project? Come to our welcome meeting on March 1 at 5pm, open to adults and young people alike. We will show you how you can participate in this community art project. For example, you could create a painting of one thing we can do to reduce climate change. Or you could create a scene with small figures showing how we can treat immigrants with respect. Sign up here for this welcome meeting.

We meet with volunteers every Thursday at 5pm at Tam Makers. If you’re interested but can’t come to our first meeting, sign up here to volunteer for this project. We’re looking for volunteers for tasks such as: art, building, coordination, design, engineering, hosting, music, organizing, photos, promotion, setup, sound, storytelling, video and web development.

For more info, please email us at . Check this page regularly for more project updates.

Hope to see you soon!

Fabrice Florin
Geo Monley

Co-founders/teachers, Tam Makers
Team leaders, Art Float for Social Change



Here are preliminary sketches, to help visualize what we might create together. In this example, the float features caring hands protecting our world.



These first ideas are for discussion purposes only, and may be replaced by other ideas from our community and float creators. See our first slides for more details.