CNC Router

Learn to use a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) router in our two evening introductory class.

This tool is good for carving signs, flattening slabs, making intricate joints and myriad other cuts in wood. You will learn to use V-Carve pro application on our computers to design a project and to create tool paths with a variety of cutting bits. You will learn how to set up the machine, zero the axes and navigate the machine interface. And of course you will cut out the project.

Class covers:

    • V-Carve Pro application (to create designs)


    • Generating tool paths for CNC machine


    • Materials suitable for carving


    • CNC cutting bits and uses


  • CNC operation and techniques

After completing this class you can sign up for the You Can Build It or Maker Club workshops and make projects including complex woodworking assemblies, plastic parts, basic terrain maps, carved signage.

Class fee is $84 for 2 sessions of 3 hours each. Class fee includes all materials needed for creating a wooden carved sign.

(6 person maximum. Suitable for ages 18 through adult. Students under 18 can enroll if a parent also enrolls — or with instructor’s prior approval.)

Instructors: Geo Monley with Chris Krueger

CNC Guides
Carving CNC with Shopbot
Using Partworks for CNC

Project ideas

Wooden Carved Signs
Plastic Parts
Custom Slotted Wooden Parts

Class photos

Project ideas

We hope to see you soon!