Create a Robot

Create your own robot with Arduino!

You will learn how to build a robot, make it move, as well as blink lights and play sounds. This course includes an introduction to the popular Arduino board. We will teach you how to program simple behaviors, like moving body parts or avoiding obstacles.

This hands-on course is led by Fabrice Florin and Edward Janne, who also taught our Arduino classes last year. Though this is primarily a tech class, we will include creative tips from our popular Maker Art classes, where our students learn to make their own animated creatures.

The cost is $180 for two evening sessions of 3 hours each. All materials are included: you can take your robot home after the class ends (a $70 value).

For this class, we created a special robot kit which is similar to Adafruit’s Mini Race Car Robot, but with a lot more features at a lower cost. It includes a Feather M0 Arduino for the robot, an RF remote, a custom chassis, plus three additional servos and more parts.

No experience necessary. Maximum class size is 10 students. Students ages 13 to 18 can enroll if a parent also enrolls — or with instructor’s prior approval.

After completing this class, you can extend your skills and build your own projects by signing up for the Maker Club workshops.

Learn more about our new tech classes. For upcoming courses, see our Classes page.

We hope to see you soon!


This short video shows our first prototypes in action. These animated characters can roam around, shake their heads and flap their wings, under user control. This is the same robot kit we will use for this class, and we will give you a variety of figures and body parts to choose from for your own robot.