Laser Cutting

Here is a link to our Laser Cutter instructions.

Learn to fabricate objects with a laser cutter in this two-part course. On the first night, you will use Adobe Illustrator to create designs for the laser cutter. On the second night, you will operate our laser cutter and make your designs come to life. Initial project is a wooden picture frame of your design. The TamMakers laser cutter is a Full Spectrum cutter with a 24″ x 36″ cutting area.

The laser cutter can cut and etch wood, paper, acrylic, cardboard, fabric up to 1/4″ thick. It cannot cut metal.

Class covers:

    • Adobe Illustrator software (to create designs)
    • Materials suitable for laser cutting
    • Focusing and setting up a laser cut
    • Laser cutting
  • Laser etching

Some possible projects include complex wood shapes, plastic parts,  layered terrain maps, only your imagination can limit you.

Project ideas

Wooden models
Layered terrain models
Picture frames
Boxes/Candle holders
Flexible structures

Class photos

We hope to see you soon!