Makers Workshop

Mondays 6-9pm Jan 27 – Mar 16

Mondays 6-9pm Mar 30 – May 11

Create and invent things in our makerspace/woodshop. In this class you will learn to make designs in Adobe Illustrator, Fusion 360, and V-carve; then fabricate your designs using the laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router and tools in thewoodshop tools. You can bring your designs to life with programmable Arduinos and other electronic components. The instructor will provide lessons with sample projects on the various pieces of equipment so students can earn badges authorizing the use of the equipment. Once you have earned badges to use the equipment you can proceed to design and execute projects of your own. Students with prior experience may demonstrate their competency in order to earn badges for equipment use. Materials for basic instruction are included. Students will provide their own materials for their unique projects.

Makers Workshop includes content from these former classes:

Your instructors will be Geo Monley with teaching assistants Chris Krueger, Chelsea Andersson, and Fabrice Florin.