Open Shop

The Tam High Woodshop/makerspace is well equipped.

If you want to help get our Saturday Open Shop going, or if you want to participate when it has already begun, then take this survey.

To keep the shop open on Saturdays we can use:
  • A small committee to get it going.
  • A business or non-profit entity.
  • An insurance agent and advice on insurance.
  • A revenue plan.
  • A mix of paid and volunteer positions.

Here is some information that I have gathered.

  • Rental rate for shop (non-profit) is $18/hr.
  • Custodian cost is $200/Saturday
  • One insurance quote was for $1600/year. Does it provides the needed coverage?
  • Successful maker programs have a mix of paid and volunteer positions: shop Stewards, managers, bookkeepers etc.
  • Historically, in our shop, people have paid $10-$12/ hr for open shop and much more for classes.