What we learned from our first survey

To learn what our community thinks of Tam Makers, we ran an online survey from June 9 to August 6, 2016, asking a variety of questions about their interests and our programs.

We invited Tam Makers subscribers, meetup attendees, social media contacts and site visitors to complete a short online questionnaire posted on Survey Monkey. 23 people responded, 20 of whom completed the survey.

Here’s what we learned:

  • All respondents are interested in Tam Makers.
  • Most want to use the makerspace (87%).
  • Most are interested in adult classes (83%).
  • Many want community meetups (57%).
  • Many would consider paying a membership fee (58%).
  • Some are prepared to volunteer for Tam Makers (50%).
  • Some parents are interested in our youth programs (35%).

For more results, read below. You can also view our full survey report, comments and survey dashboard.


Interest in Tam Makers is strong in this survey: all respondents say they are interested, and 78% are very interested.

Most respondents posted comments about their interest in Tam Makers, as in these examples:

  • “Thrilled to have a maker space on this side of the bridge!”
  • “An excellent idea. Wonderful use of the school as a community resource.”
  • “It definitely has a community feeling, unlike more commercially motivated makerspaces”

Most respondents were interested or very interested in using the makerspace (87%).

When would you want to use this makerspace
  • 70% would use it weekends.
  • 70% would use it evenings.
  • 13% would use afternoons.
How often would you want to use the makerspace?
  • 26% would use it several times a week.
  • 17% would use it once a week.
  • 17% would use it once a month.
What would you like to build in this makerspace?
  • 56% would use it for wood working.
  • 39% expressed interest in Arduino and Interactive Art.
  • 17% expressed interest in robotics.
  • 11% would do laser cutting, CNC routing and 3D printing.
  • 6% were interested in metal working.

Most respondents said they were interested in adult classes (82%). Their interests covered a wide range of topics, as shown in the graphs below.  

Youth Programs

About a third of respondents said they have a child who might be interested in our youth programs (35%). Of those, 70% had a child in lower school, and 30% in middle or high school.

They were most interested in after-school and weekend classes. They showed less interest in camps and evening classes.

Here are the skills they would like their children to develop.


Most respondents said they would like to support Tam Makers (91%). They were most interested in becoming a member and volunteering.


A majority of respondents said they would like to become a member (61%). Of those, 58% said they would consider paying a membership fee for Tam Makers.

Respondents were invited to comment on what they would expect to pay for a monthly membership. Here are the price ranges they suggested in their open-ended responses.

Membership Fee Range Count % of Respondents
$0-$25 4 25%
$26 to $50 3 18%
$51 to $100 4 25%
$101 to $200 1 6%
Total Responses 16

When asked what they would expect from a membership, 15 responded with a range of requests, including access to the space and tools on weekdays and weekends, as well as class discounts.


Many respondents said they would like to volunteer (50%). Another 27% said they might volunteer if they had more time.

Here are the volunteer activities that people seemed interested in.

Would you like to volunteer for any of these activities? % of Respondents
Classes/Training 26%
Facilities/Maintenance 26%
Community Outreach 33%
Business Development 13%
Other 22%

In the ‘other’ category, people listed shop stewardship/maintenance, and writing for flyers and web.


A number of participants were interested in teaching (22%) and suggested these class topics:

  • Wonder Box
  • Laser cutting
  • CAD/3D modeling/visualization
  • Architecture
  • Drawing/sketching
  • Embedded platforms
  • Photography/Journaling/Scrapbooking

Only 4% said they would like to make a donation to support Tam Makers. Another 52% said maybe, and 22% said no.


When asked how likely they would be to recommend Tam Makers to a friend or colleague, all respondents gave a positive score of 7 or more, on a scale of 1 to 10.

This question helps determine an organization’s Net Promoter Score, which is seen by many as a good indicator of customer loyalty. Tam Makers received a Net Promoter Score of 60, which is above average, ranking in the top 50-75% against a global average from 88,906 organizations.

Here are some of their comments about Tam Makers:

  • “I like the space very much, and I think that’s really important.  There are lots of work tables, lots of tools, lots of space to move around, and it’s got a great vibe.  It’s a space you want to be in.”
  • “The enthusiasm and sense of community. Already at the first meet up I felt that I walked in on a room of friends.”
  • “Close location with a very good woodshop and a collection of people with interesting and diverse projects.”
  • “The concept of a community of people focused on creation is long overdue and an excellent idea!!”
More Results

For more results, read this full report, these comments and this live dashboard. You are welcome to take the survey here, if you haven’t already: we’d love to hear from you!

This report was prepared by volunteers Edward Janne and Fabrice Florin, based on a survey design by Fabrice.

Many thanks to all community members who took the time to share your feedback! We really appreciate your insights, which will help inform our plans for Tam Makers.