Virtual Shop Time – Free!

This free live zoom activity runs on Saturdays through March 13 from 9am to 12pm

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Are you looking for community connections with other creative people? Then join us during the free Virtual Shop Time! You can drop in for any length of time on Saturdays between 9am – 12pm or Tuesday evenings from 6 – 7:30 pm. This is a live Zoom activity.

  • There is no set agenda. 
  • You can drop in for any length of time.
  • We aim our cameras more at our work and workspace than to our faces.
  • Check in periodically while working on your project …
  • … or just keep a live feed to show what you are doing.
  • See what others are up to and enjoy maker camaraderie.
  • Find out how to buy, borrow, or improvise tools and materials.
  • Get advice on how to do maker projects.
  • Ask how-to-questions of Geo and others.