Tam Makers is a volunteer-run organization. We’re grateful to all our generous volunteers who support our community and bring life to our shop!

We find camaraderie in working together on projects outside of the usual classes and workshops. At Tam Makers, volunteer opportunities range from simple one-time tasks, through periodic responsibilities, to ongoing positions.

This year, you can support Tam Makers by helping with these tasks or positions:

      • Clean and organize the shop
      • Create a skill certification system
      • Social Media & Web Coordinator
      • Volunteer Coordinator

Read more below, or email Geo if you would like to help with these or other tasks:  gmonley@me.com

  • Clean and organize the shop

Saturdays in January 2018 (13th, 20th, 27th) 10 AM – 1 PM  Let Geo know when you are coming. Text with your name 415-250-5437 ; or email: gmonley@me.com. See some of the possible activities below.

    • Determine the best locations for various tools.
    • Start a tool and supply inventory and order replacements as needed.
    • Make defined places for tools and supplies.
    • Create a system for keeping tools in place.
    • Write a checklist for end-of-class cleanup
    • Assemble router bit drawer.
    • Make storage rack for CNC bits.
    • Locate and create power cord storage system.
    • Sort and label parts and supplies.
    • Organize basement storage.
    • Wax and oil equipment.
    • Sweeping and vacuuming


  • Create a skill certification system – We want to provide ongoing training and to acknowledge people for their skill levels. This program will help keep us safe and will give us more flexibility in how classes are offered and how the shop can be used. You will work closely with Geo. This program includes a record keeping system, revised tool usage guides, instructional videos and skill assessments. Contact Geo to participate.


  • Social Media & Web Coordinator – Ongoing position


  • Volunteer Coordinator – Ongoing position