You Can Build It

You Can Build It is an ongoing 4 session a month workshop.

There are Wednesday evening and Saturday morning sessions. If you want to attend both sessions please sign up for both classes.

Design and build your own project using our well-equipped woodshop. The instructor provides varied levels of help with design and fabrication depending on student needs. You provide your own materials. There are prerequisites for this course:

 *If you have little or no experience, take either the Build an Elegant Table or Create an Elegant Box class.

 *If you already have significant woodworking experience and do not need a beginning class, and think you can dive right into your project in the You Can Build It class, please consult with instructor first.
Instructor:  Geo Monley and Pierina dell’Avo

You Can Build It resources include:

  • Joiners, planners, table and band saws
  • Drill presses, routers, sanders, lathes
  • Many jigs and specialized tools for fine word working

(12 person maximum. Suitable for ages 18 through adult. Students under 18 can enroll if a parent also enrolls — or with instructor’s prior approval.)

Workshop fee is $120 for 4 sessions of 3 hours each. Fee includes incidental project supplies.

Class photos


We hope to see you soon!