Badges is our system for recognizing individuals for sets of skills and for authorization to use tools in the shop. A student earns a badge typically by taking a lesson, taking a quiz, and demonstrating skills through a practicum. Once earned, the badges will be recorded by student name on a list kept with the relative equipment so that anyone can know who is authorized on a machine.

  • Lessons: We offer lessons that prepare students for earning the badges, although some individuals will already know the content and may not need every lesson. Prior to earning badges, students must work under the direct supervision of the instructor but may not work on their own until obtaining the badge.
  • Quizzes: The quizzes are meant to be very easy for someone who knows the content. They are so easy that many people could guess the answers without knowing the content. But that would miss the point. The quizzes are for you and our program to make an inventory of your knowledge and make sure you have the basics. If you don’t know, or are unsure of an answer, don’t guess. Instead ask one of our instructors to explain.
  • Practicums: These are where students demonstrate to one of our instructors that they have certain skills and knowledge. The list of skills to demonstrate is on the same page as the quizzes. The instructor will initial each part as you complete it and will sign off on the badge when both the quiz (100%) and the practicum are complete.

Below is are links to the quiz/practicum sheets for each tool. Some tools have a beginning level (orange) and an advanced level (green). Some only have the green level.