Green Change Caravan

The Green Change Caravan is an experiment developed as a collaboration between Green Change and Tam Makers. We are forming a team of makers to design, build and show off a caravan of bicycles and trailers powered only by pedal and electric. We want to inspire people by showing how we can have fun doing this activity with a minimal carbon footprint. Once we have people’s attention, we will offer resources so people can learn how they can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our first trailer grabs attention by displaying a 6 ft. diameter Earth ball. Our next two trailers in development are an information kiosk and a portable maker workshop. The information kiosk will have visual displays and QR codes so people can learn about the actions that will help reduce our climate impact. The portable maker workshop will host enjoyable activities that will encourage people to hang out with us get involved in actions.

Later trailer additions to the Green Change Caravan may include a puppet or live theater, a food cart, a solar demonstration module and so forth.

For more info or to work on this project email:

Here is an interesting history. 20 Years ago, Sustainable Mill Valley used a bicycle trailer to promote sustainability at the City of Mill Valley’s centenial celebration. Here are is a slide show of that event.

This Year, Fabrice used the same bicycle trailer for Green Change to carry the 6 foot Earth Ball. Here is a picture.

Behold the Earth Bike, a unique parade float created by Green Change director Fabrice Florin, to engage more people to go green and fight climate change. The Earth Bike features a 6-foot inflatable globe pulled by an electric bike, with signs inviting people to use clean energy, ride clean transportation, eat sustainably and take more climate actions featured on \n\nA multimedia artist and activist, Fabrice made this fun climate art project for display at local events like the Fourth of July Parade in Corte Madera, Marin. We will encourage participants to take care of Mother Earth and go green in their own lives, and invite them to pet the Earth and/or have their photos taken in front of it. \n\nWe hope this Earth Bike can help us connect with people who were not yet engaged in climate action: through this fun outreach, we wish to make an impression, raising people’s awareness about how we can help fight climate change, and getting a few of them to commit to taking action.\n\nView more photos of the Earth Bike:\n\n\nLearn more about Green Change:\n\n\n#activism #artfloat #climateaction #climatechange #earthbike #greenchange