Geodesic Model Making

This live zoom class will run on four Fridays in February from 6 to 8 PM. The cost is $120 plus $40 to rent the supply and material kit.

Some of you may know that I changed my name to “Geo” because of my enduring interest in geodesic geometries. And since making geodesic models is an activity that can easily be done from home with simple tools and materials, it is a good fit for an on-line class as well as a way for me to share something that I truly love.

In this class, I will lead you through model making techniques as well as ways to think about the shape of space. I have kits with tools and materials to loan. We will:

Make 3D Models with:

  • Wooden dowels
  • Latex hubs
  • Snap-together polygons
  • Spheres
  • Cardstock and glue

Learn modeling techniques:

  • Use a compass and straight edge to layout models in 2D.
  • Cut, fold, & glue to assemble fantastic shapes.

Learn the finite sets of regular tessellations and polyhedra. Explore the symmetries of these unique geometric forms.


I will loan you, for the duration of the course, a kit with all the supplies and equipment you will need. The kit is pictured below. The modest fee of $40 includes delivery and pick up for locations in Southern Marin that are accessible on my electric bike.

The kit will come with an inventory chart so that you make sure that all the pieces are returned to me. Individual item prices will be listed so you know how much to pay in case things get broken or go missing. Below is a list of the kit contents.

If you really, really want to put your own kit together, here is a link to a Google Sheet that I used for pricing and the URLs for finding where to get things. I expect that you will spend about $200 for these materials.

 Kit Contents for ‘Geodesic Model Making’
ItemQuantity Included
Polydron triangles40
Polydron Squares15
Polydron Pentagons12
Polydron Hexagons10
Polydron Octagons6
Handmade latex 6 finger hubs20
3/16″ x 12″ Birch Dowel50
3/16″ x 17.5″ Birch Dowel10
Ping Pong Balls26
Vemco 6″ compass1
Compass accessories1
30-60-90 triangle1
Straight Edge1
scissors 1
Kokuyu Dot Liner1
4h pencil1
Ball Point Pen1
skinny stick1
1 sheet of 1/4 ” adhesive Foam Squares1
11 x 17 Cover Stock12
Iris 30 qt. Weathertight Tote Clear1
4 accessory boxes4
1/8 inch ply surface 13 x 17.5 1
Reference Book: Platonic & Archimedean Solids by Daud Sutton1