Rube Goldberg Machine Workshop

Teacher: Rebecca Preis. Rebecca is the student team leader of the Mill Valley Rube Goldberg Team, which won 1st place in the 2018 and 2019 International Online High School Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (view her team’s 2019 machine below).


It is best to use a Tam Maker’s Rube Goldberg Kit, available for $20 (rent) or $50 (buy) when you order your tickets. If you live in the Mill Valley area, we will deliver the kit to you before the first class.

Also needed, but NOT included in kits:

  • 1 pen
  • 1 piece of fruit that rolls (orange, tomato, etc.)
  • 1 spatula that has a hole at the end of the handle OR 1 ruler that has a small hole near the end of the ruler.
  • 1 small tin can (tomato paste, etc.), empty or full
  • 2 paper cups (that you don’t mind having holes poked in)
  • string (yarn, dental floss, whatever you have)
  • 2 rolls of tape (preferably 1 roll of masking tape and 1 roll of duct tape)
  • 3 books (or 3 boxes of cereal, pasta, etc).
  • 1 ball (preferably ping pong ball)
  • 3 pencils (not mechanical)
  • 2 small binder clips
  • possibly more household materials to be announced

IF YOU DON’T RENT OR BUY A KIT, make sure to have the following items:

  • 4′ tall x 2′ wide pegboard (or a different vertical surface that you don’t mind attaching things to)
  • Twelve 1/4″ x 4″ dowels (for use in pegboard)
  • Six 12″ x 3″ pieces of cardboard (or a different DIY marble ramp)
  • Six 4″ x 3″ pieces of cardboard (or a different DIY marble ramp)
  • Five marbles

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